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What are the benefits of membership?

In the scope of the services offered to its members, APEMIP gives the following:

Collective agreement for the real estate agency activity, regulating the legal aspects of the relation between employer and workers;
Seminars and conferences, trough all the country;
Legal and tax support;
Economic research and analysis;
Information to the members, governments, and the public on real estate matters;
Training courses. The professional training falls upon two modalities:

Intra formation Companies It is based upon measuring the necessities of a sole associated company. In these situations, APEMIP elaborates a program, methodological and budgetary proposal according to the company in question.
Inter Companies training which consists of the half-yearly elaboration of Training Plans, and direct daily training according to the necessities of the companies, contemplates eight basic considered areas of knowledge: Real Estate legal Activity, Management, Advertising, Technique, Marketing, International, Real Estate Services and Languages.

Support of a national and international channel for bringing perceived problems to the attention of major policy-making bodies;
Information area on the web-site for members only;
Information platform for announcements, press releases and newsletters;
Organizatin of the legal process of licensing to the real estate activity;
Discounts on various products and services for business;
Public awareness campaigns;
Professional Insurance in co-operation with a Portuguese Insurance Company;
Real Estate Portal (;
APEMIP TV, an exclusive communication channel that allows the promotion, in a TV environment, of the services offered by the APEMIP members.












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