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NAR - National Association of Realtors


NAR and APEMIP have signed on 3 October 2002 an Agreement of Bilateral Cooperation between the Institutions which provides for constant exchange of information on their real estate markets, the establishment of trade missions, access to business opportunities for members of both entities and the promotion and acceptance of the provisions contained in the respective Codes of Ethics.

The NAR is the largest association of the North American real estate sector, representing currently over 1,000,000 (about 900 thousand) members - . It presents itself as a major legal force in terms of strength in the real estate market in that country, striving for the adoption of measures of efficiency and ethical rules, the defense system of free enterprise and the right to buy and provide real rights over immovable properties.


ICREA - International Consortium of Real Estate Associations


APEMIP is since 2004 member of ICREA - International Consortium of Real Estate Associations - an entity representing some 31 associations in the property sector, which accounts for an international real estate network, which brings together several databases of real estate in a common site

ICREA currently represents over 1 million real estate professionals dedicated himself mainly to promote the international business of its members, through the portal WorldProperties, which offers unique opportunities in terms of promoting real estate in the international market, increases local profile, national and international real estate, meets the needs of customers by providing resources and practical tools for research and distinguishes its members in international real estate market.

For APEMIP associates, the main benefits of being a membership are the following:

Publication through the WorldProperties Site.
Participation in international events.
Access to a wide range of useful information on real estate and business services online, exclusive to members.
Search Engines and marketing.


FIABCI - International Federation of Real Estate Professionals


APEMIP is a principal member of FIABCI, as well as being the responsible entity for operating, in Portugal, the chapter of this entity.

FIABCI was established in 1951 in Paris, with the aim of bringing together professionals working in the real estate field, its members belong to professionals associations of real estate and organizations representing some fifty countries.

The activity of this organization focuses mainly on:

The study of common problems to many real estate professionals.
The centralization and dissemination of all information of general and technical interest, about the real estate market.
Defending the interests of its members and giving assistance when they are questioned about the rules which are governing the real estate professions.
Upholding the main private property.

The FIABCI members adhere to the following benefits:

Single Global Network - Ability to meet real estate professionals from around the world.
Participation in national and international events; - Access to a wide range of useful information about the real estate business and online services exclusive to members, including access to a file with contacts of all members;
Annual Directory - Distributed free among all members, the directory contains information on the main elements of each professional associate, including their specialties;
FIABCI - Press - the Federation's newsletter, published 4 times a year, in 4 languages and sent free to all members;


SECOVI - Secovi-SP, home to the Brazilian real estate industry


Since 1946, the São Paulo State Housing Syndicate (Secovi-SP) has been recognized as the home to the Brazilian real estate industry. The Syndicate houses several key operating sectors of the real estate production and service chain in Brazil, such as construction development companies, shopping malls, hotel enterprises, condominiums as well as real estate marketing and management, property rent, lease and sale, urban development and land planning.

Acknowledged as one of the most dynamic and renowned employer syndicates in the country, Secovi-SP represents the leading names in São Paulo State’s real estate industry. These are developers and professionals who dedicate a precious part of their time to promoting better performance of realty activities on a sustainable basis through advocating public policies that meet the needs of the population for affordable housing.

Secovi-SP is also the gateway to foreign real estate companies willing to forge strategic partnerships to underpin their business in Brazil and abroad. This opens windows of opportunities for the exchange of real estate services and operations on an international level. Furthermore, the Syndicate acts as a hub and disseminator of real estate knowledge stemming from its myriad of industry publications, events, training courses and other initiatives focused on education and improvement, such as the Secovi University - the first higher education school for real estate professionals in Brazil.

Members of Secovi-SP are at the forefront of their market segment and the realty market itself as they participate directly in decisions that shape the future of the real estate industry in Brazil.

No matter what you want to know about the Brazilian real estate sector, Secovi-SP gives you the ideal forum to advance your knowledge base.






1937 The first Union of Realtors to be recognized was the Rio de Janeiro in January. Contributed greatly to the history of Australian unionism.
1938 Appears in the Square Café, near ground zero in the city of Sao Paulo's Association of Realtors. The charter of the Ministry of Labor came in 1942.
1940 The profession was already organized and recognized by society. Brokers were insured at the Institute of Retirement and Pension of Commerce, paying annual insurance mandatory. And the government already recognized as the official ratings of the Association of Realtors.
1941 There has been a newsletter of the Professional Association of Realtors. At that time, was taken to a special negotiating the price of ads in the classifieds of the newspapers O Estado de S. Paul, The Journal of São Paulo and Folha da Manha. The benefit was valid only to brokers unionized.
1942 The Union of Real Estate Brokers of Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro launched the Ten Commandments from the broker, which describes how it should be the spirit and conduct of professionals.
1942 It was a discipline to pay commission to the broker.
1942 Created the "Put Option", and no broker should offer a property without being duly authorized by the client.
1942 To be recognized as a profession, the activity of Realtors still had to be regulated and had to be allowed the establishment of technical courses.
1942 The Association of Real Estate only accept new members were pursuing the profession for at least two years.
1942 The Association sent a letter recognizing the Association of Real Estate in the State of Sao Paulo - Sciesp after the fourth board of the Professional Association of Realtors. The first president (1943-1952) was Joseph Floriano de Toledo.
1944 Founding of the Professional Association of Real Estate in Porto Alegre. The Charter Association and public recognition is the following year, 1945.
1948 Foundation of the Guild of Realtors of Goiás.
1950 It is June of this year the Letters Patent recognizing the Union of Enterprises. Developed in the early days of unions and employer was formed by loteadores, then called land. In 1965, they began to join the union the developers and builders.
1950 The realtor came to be seen as a family consultant, working with the most precious, which is the house itself.
1953 Founding of the Association of Real Estate of Minas Gerais. About ten years later, goes to the category of union.
1956 The Union of Real Estate presents a proposal for formation of technical course.
1956 Foundation of the Association of Real Estate of Minas Gerais.
1957 It is the First National Congress of Real Estate in the auditorium of the Commercial Association of Rio de Janeiro. At that time, was drafted the first bill to regulate the profession of realtor.





This Iberian alliance between APEMIP and CGCOAPI (Conselho Geral dos Colégios Oficiais dos Agentes da Propriedade Imobiliária de Espanha was established on the 13th December of 2008.

The main goal is promoting the common real estate market, in Spain and Portugal; promote their countries the laws for a better performance of the real estate professionals in each country; exchange information and proposals for a better acting; organizing congresses and courses.


Planner Reed


Planner Reed is a leading company in Spain in organizing trade fairs. Our fairs are a quoted reference in its different markets activity, such as the International Madrid Real Estate Exhibition (SIMA), the Hall of Space, Commercial Services and Equipment (Exporetail) and the Hall of Logistics and Transport (Logistics) in collaboration with Ifema. In 2006, Planner Reed launched an ambitious international expansion project, which to date has been specified in a new event project in USA (SIMA USA Showcase) in collaboration with the National Association of Realtors.

In July 2005 he joined Planner Reed Reed Exhibitions, the largest multinational group specializing in the promotion and organization of trade fairs, with over 460 events in 34 countries.

Planner Reed has a specific website for APEMIP exclusively for the SIMA event under the following address:












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