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President's Message


2011 was a critical year. The economic difficulties which have surfaced in the country had a big impact on all sector of our economy, especially in the field of Construction and Real Estate.

Despite all the difficulties, APEMIP did everything to ensure a good year with achievements for the Realtors, with the quality and the recognition that have been usual. 

There was a activity paradigm shift, and we all had to focus our work on the rental market. But, as I’ve been saying, is the demand that makes the market, and it behooves us to meet his needs.

The rental market and the urban regeneration are now the segments that may present a better performance, if they are attractive.

If there is a secure and transparent market, I really believe that the rental market and urban regeneration dynamics could be two important foundations for the economic recovery of the country. 

In difficult times as this, the action of associations like APEMIP is fundamental. 

As APEMIPs president, I must take up the challenge of continue to develop a good work, ensuring the interests of all.

The challenge is in our way. It’s up to us to face them together, so we can get what we need for the real estate sector and for the country.

Thank you all

Luís Lima

APEMIP's President













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