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General Services

APEMIP gives its associates a wide range of exclusive facilities, which are aimed at giving them the means to develop their real estate business.



   • Quarterly APEMIP Digest magazine.
   • Sending Circulars releases.
   • Shipping, e-Newsletter.
   • Shipping, e-Newsletter with articles opinion.
   • Provide periodic studies of various economical
     and financial, including trends in international  
     real estate markets or American financial
     behavior markets, European and Portuguese.



   • Offer diverse training
     - Training Catalog.
   • Public Intra-company training.
   • Provision of specialist training - Graduations.
   • Public higher education, the level of Degree in the field
     of Real Estate, in partnership with a private University.



   • Development of national and regional seminars.
   • Organization of thematic forums.
   • Participation in major National Real Estate Exhibitions,
     including Lisbon Real Estate Exhibition and IMOBITUR.



   • Participation in International Real Estate Fairs,
     particularly in SIMA (Madrid) and OPPLive (London).
   • Adherence to FIABCI - Portugal.
   • Adherence to the Real Estate website - World Properties.
     - Agreement with RGR- Russian Guild of Realtors
     - Agreement with IVD – Immobilienverband Deutschland

Legal Advice:

   • Technical advice on legal and real estate agency
      activity and estate fund, through the number:
      707 200 985.
   • Preparation of informative Circulars and
   • Reception and analysis licensing and registration
     processes, as well as the other procedures
     inherent to mediation and real estate fund.
   • Tax Advice.
   • Activity Control.



   • Assignment of APEMIP Associate Certificate.
   • Assignment APEMIP Associated Card.
   • Accession to the Insurance Liability Policy.
   • Allocation of favorable terms, arising from the
     Protocols of Cooperation awarded to entities of
     different areas, namely Press, Travel, Hotels,
     Health or equipment.
   • Sending of electronic statements of current account.


Professional Services:

   • APEMIPNet: Real Estate Management Software,
     created and tailored to the needs of the real estate
   • Real Estate website.
   • APEMIP TV: Corporate Television Channel.
   • APEMIP Green: Platform that provides access to
     solutions for energy certification and energy
   • APEMIP Insurance
   • CASA PRONTA in APEMIP and “Ready House”
     in your Real Estate Agent.












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