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CasaPronta in APEMIP
Undertaken by the protocol celebrated between APEMIP and IRN (Institute of Registration and Notary Affairs) , the CasaPronta Project firmed in 2009, has gradually grown, including nowadays a multiplicity of services that are available to APEMIP Associates. As a service it allows that real estate professionals can provide a complete service to its client, including the final contract, done in the presence of a Notary, and the ultimate property registration. All of this in the same place!!! Even taxes can be paid at the same time.
This project is reinforced by not only by the special CasaPronta balconies in APEMIP’s headquarters and delegations, but also by the balconies that some professionals have in their own companies.
CasaPronta Project also allows to have immediate access to on-line property ownership certificates.

IPS Service
It´s a service created to fulfill the needs of the Real Estate Professionals, that allows them to have access to simplified information about the properties they are negotiating and, this way, to assure the compliment of legal obligations, previous to the transaction.

CDQ are the Portuguese initials for Qualified Digital Certificate, provided by APEMIP in a easier and cheaper way.

CasaYES is the biggest real estate professionals database! This project, with several specific services, that include publicity, web pages construction and software, has been reinforcing itself in the Portuguese market and is exclusive for APEMIP associates.

Blue Card
The Blur Card Project was designed to give to APEMIP associates an immediate benefit. By presenting this card in BP (British Petroleum) gas stations, the associate has an immediate discount of  €0,5 for each litre.

Health Card
With Health Card all APEMIP associates can have a health insurance at the lowest conditions in the market. Each Associate has the right to benefit of one integrally gratuitous Health Card.

Aware of the importance of protecting the environment,  APEMIP created a project that had this in mind, stimulating the Energetic Certification of buildings

This is one of APEMIP’s latest projects.
Nowadays Real Estate Brokers are not limited to brokerage, and the opportunities for new ways of doing business are waiting. That’s why APEMIP has launched CasaREPAIR, allowing the interested associates to pursuit a new kind of business, related to construction, landscape, equipments, and urban regeneration and reconstruction.

Each day special professional abilities and techniques are asked and to the resa estate professionals, in a way to ensure an efficient, current and efficient performance in their commercial activity. APEMIP’s ACADEMY is the answer to those needs, in an effort to meet these expectations, presenting to the associated companies a multiplicity of formative offers.












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