International Federation of Real Estate Professionals

APEMIP is a principal member of FIABCI, as well as being the responsible entity for operating, in Portugal, the chapter of this entity.

FIABCI was established in 1951 in Paris, with the aim of bringing together professionals working in the real estate field, its members belong to professionals associations of real estate and organizations representing some fifty countries.

The activity of this organization focuses mainly on:

  • The study of common problems to many real estate professionals.
  • The centralization and dissemination of all information of general and technical interest, about the real estate market.
  • Defending the interests of its members and giving assistance when they are questioned about the rules which are governing the real estate professions.
  • Upholding the main private property.

The FIABCI members adhere to the following benefits:

  • Single Global Network - Ability to meet real estate professionals from around the world.
  • Participation in national and international events;
  • www.fiabci.com.pt - Access to a wide range of useful information about the real estate business and online services exclusive to members, including access to a file with contacts of all members;
  • Annual Directory - Distributed free among all members, the directory contains information on the main elements of each professional associate, including their specialties;
  • FIABCI - Press - the Federation's newsletter, published 4 times a year, in 4 languages and sent free to all members;