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Câmara de Turismo de Cabo Verde

Câmara de Comércio, Industria, Agricultura
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Confederação da Construção e do Imobiliário
de Língua Oficial Portuguesa

Real Estate Confederation of Portuguese Oficial Speaking Language

The constitution of CIMLOP – Confederação da Construção e do Imobiliário de Língua Oficial Portuguesa (Real Estate Confederation of Portuguese Oficial Speaking Language), has been aimed by Angolan, Brazilian and Portuguese entities. As CIMLOP goal is, as it is known, the will and need to create a route of investment for the Portuguese official language countries, and the attraction of investment for the real estate markets of the countries that integrate the CIMLOP, as instrument of stimulation to the cooperation and partnership between the institutions of the Portuguese speaking countries.

Opened to real estate associations (brokers, promoters, constructors and the real estate incorporators), CIMLOP pretends to establish solid bases to a joint effort of the three cited founding countries, without avoiding the possibility to widen the base of this central nucleus, to other Portuguese speaking countries.

The dimension and the level of development of the real estate markets of the countries of Portuguese official language are very varied, but the potentialities of the eight countries that speak Portuguese are immense and not only when we think about territories as Moçambique, as Cabo Verde, S. Tomé and Príncipe, or as Guine and Timor-East.

The statment of CIMLOP can be seen in property database of all the countries involved and in the creation of a website with links to each one of the involved entities websites. This space only accepts property of companies or professionals affiliated to the associations or institutions that integrate the Confederation.

This database of properties reveals the partnership between real estate mediators /correctors members of the affiliated members of the Confederation, in a picture of cooperation and allotment that also encloses the professional formation and the desirable exchange of experiences and knowledge of all the involved real estate markets in project.

Nowadays CIMLOP is presided by Luis Carvalho Lima, also APEMIP’s President and one of the biggest responsible by the foundation of the Confederation. A President chosen unanimously by all CIMLOP’s members that, with those also elected for the board, will lead CIMLOP towards its obvious success.

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