Sometimes, in this difficult scenario where we all act, the temptation to look for the past as a time when nothing that we did is useful is unfair. 

To combat this sin, almost original from the politics, just remember the silent revolution in the elimination and simplification of millions of notaries and registral acts, that were useless and limiting, with an effort which aimed the promotion and mentality revolution, and the tech adjustment of the democracy, with benefits for the companies and for the citizens.
I recall this reality because I know that this internal and external revolution deserves praise. What we get with the fight against the bureaucracy is the effective save for the public, without the loose of security and reliability.
We shouldn’t deny the exemplary skills that we already have, in the domain of the new technologies of the communication and information, skills that deserves internal and external applauses.
Some say that the past is more uncertain than the future. But not  worst.
Luís Lima
Presidente da APEMIP

Published in Diário Económico 26th October 2011

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