The famous DKW, name of a german car that became known by its initials (Dampfkraft Wagen, that means “steam powered car”, and later Das Kleine Wunder (in English “the small wonder”) bear the trademark symbol of the four rings that glow in today’s AUDI.


In fact, these rings correspond to four companies of the car sector – DKW, AUDI, HORSH and WANDERER – that in the 30’s, with the effects of the big depression of 29’ created the Auto Union to combat the crisis, choosing four rings as symbol of the companie.

The success of the “small wonder” that was exported for Brasil in the 50’s, when Kubitscheck was the President, wasn’t grounded in demagoguery based on falsehoods as the german newspaper BILD disclose when it say that the Portuguese live at the expense of the germans.

In fact, contrary to what some people of the german politic says, the interest rate that is charged about loans to countries,  like Portugal and Greece, are way too bigger than the interest rate that finance the rich countries, including Germany,  and function as a guarantee of the debt payment.

It’s an insult hear that the potuguese and the greek people lives behind the Germans. 


The original article was published on 28th July, in Diário Económico Newspaper

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